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The easiest way to contact Wupav Hosting is to submit a support ticket. Our aim is to answer all technical support tickets within 2 hours during working hours.

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How to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible?

A lot of the most common issues have been explained in our help desk and we strongly recommend you take a look there first. We are continually updating the help desk, however if you cannot find the answer in our help desk, starting a support ticket is the fastest way to get an issue resolved.

We answer all support tickets in the order they are received. Please don't update a ticket asking Any News? or Any Update? as this will push the support ticket to the back of the queue.

When submitting a support ticket please add as much information as you can to the ticket - include screen shots of error messages if possible. Let us know if you have completed any troubleshooting and explain what caused the error message. The more information you put in the ticket the easier & quicker it will be to resolve the issue.

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